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We specialize in Gainsville Lawn Scaping – you will never need to worry whether or not the grass is greener on the other side again. We work with you to build the garden of your dreams

Welcome to Gainesville Lawn Maintenance

Welcome to Gainesville with weather that is balmy and sunny and locals that are just as sunny and friendly. It’s a great place to live and work so is it any surprise that it is also the one of the largest cities in Northern Florida?

Add in that it was ranked amongst the best cities for play and for work by National Geographic and it fast becomes obvious why we love living here.

What’s not to love – the summers feature long days and balmy nights and winter temperatures are mild and bearable. With ample rainfall and warmer temperatures, this is a gardener’s paradise.

Having said that, while the gardens are lovely, maintenance, especially during the summer months, does involve putting in a fair amount of effort. Expect to spend Saturday afternoon mowing your lawn and plan to spend a lot of time weeding the garden. (Unless you get a service like us in to help you.)

The upside to this work is that you will see ample rewards in the garden itself. Having a green thumb has never been easier than in this sunny, gentle climate and there is no reason that you cannot enjoy your own slice of heaven.

New Customer

Your Initial service

If the idea of putting in all that work does not appeal to you, or if you just don’t know where to start, call us in – we have years of experience working in the landscaping design and maintenance areas. We can advise you on the best ways to get the look you want through eco-friendly and low-maintenance design.

If you need help keeping up with the garden after that, we can assist you there as well – we can assist with a range of tasks including tree trimming, lawn maintenance and irrigation in addition to our landscaping services.


A Complete Solution for Your Landscaping Vision.

Services in Gainesville Lawn Maintenance

Tree Trimming

Do you need tree service, GainsvilleFl? Call us in – whether it is a tree that needs to be trimmed or a tree that needs to be taken out ultimately, we can help you.

Dealing with a tree branch that needs to come down or even just trimming a tree can be a dangerous and challenging task if you don’t have the right safety equipment. Why not just let us take the risks for you while you sit back and watch from your porch?

Not sure if the tree actually needs to be trimmed or not? Call us in; we will be able to tell you what your best course of action will be – whether that means leaving it untrimmed or getting to work on it.


Do you need a complete redesign or does one little section just need to be brightened up? Landscaping, Gainesville Fl is our area of speciality.

We work with you to come up with a design that you find beautiful and one that works for your lifestyle. If you want something more low maintenance and low-key, just let us know, and we will design around those needs.

We can look at incorporating natural flora so that your garden becomes a haven for birds and bees and is low-maintenance and friendlier on the environment.

We are with you every step of the way, from land clearing, Gainesville Fl to the placement of each plant and maintaining the look afterward.

Lawn Maintenance

Is there anything better than a lush, green lawn? It provides the perfect blank backdrop for the garden or can become a feature in its own right. It’s a great surface to relax on and soak up the sun, and the sights and sounds of your new garden from.

And, as anyone who has had a lawn will testify, it can also be one of the most frustrating aspects of the garden. You would think that it would be simple enough – you plant the grass, water it occasionally and mow it regularly for a beautiful, even lawn.

It sounds simple, but the reality is that it is usually quite tricky to get right. The grass tends to come in patchy in places and might not be as lush in some sections as others.

We offer lawn service Gainsville, for all your lawn care needs.


At one stage, irrigating your garden meant turning on the sprinkler system and letting it do its thing. While this is relatively effective, it does result in a lot of wasted water and can mean that plants are not being watered at the right level.

Some plants do better with a deep root watering, rather than having their leaves wet. In some cases, some plants might require more water than others in the area. If you water them all the same, you risk underwatering some and drowning the others.

New irrigation methods, like drip irrigation, for example, are a lot more cost-effective and efficient at delivering water where it needs to be.

Call us in, and we can discuss your best options in terms of irrigating your garden.

Award Winning Landscape Company

Anyone can set up shop and call themselves a designer. They may even have achieved a design qualification in college. They seem like a choice on paper but, in the real world, there is no substitute for success.

Certifications are important but do you know what counts for a lot more in the design world? Awards. And that is what really sets us apart – we have the technical know-how, the skills and also the creativity it takes to create designs that go beyond the mediocre.

Having won the Best Landscape Contractor Award for the last three years in a row when it came to the Consumer’s Choice Award tells us that we are doing a lot right.

You hire us to landscape your garden because you want something unique, not something that has been picked up in a magazine and done to death. It’s our gardens that end up being in the magazines and setting trends.

Year: 2015-2018

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Why Choose Gainesville Lawn Maintenance

We know what we are about. We understand that every single client has an idea of what they want to achieve and we work with you to bring that idea about in a practical way. With us, the client always comes first – unlike some other designers, we are more than happy to receive input from you and feedback about our design. We know that you are the one that will live with the design at the end of the day. What it boils down to is this – we want our clients to be happy, and so we work tirelessly to ensure that they get what they want. It is our job to make it possible for you to enjoy your garden instead of looking at it as a chore.

Whether you need lawn service, Gainesville or our full design services, we are there for you.

Why choose us? We offer professional, friendly service and use only highly-skilled staff in every aspect of our business – from the person who designs your garden to the person that spends their time raking up leaves. Most importantly, we know where our focus has to be, and that is not on our clients. We don’t focus on winning awards; we focus on providing excellent, old-fashioned customer service. We never cut corners to the detriment of our clients and always make sure every small detail is considered.

It is this fierce devotion to providing fantastic customer service and this attention to detail that helps us to win awards naturally. The accolades are a nice side effect of the way we do business, not the driving force behind it. Call us today and find out how we can help you to tame your garden nightmares. Find out about our amazing customer service for yourself – you will be so glad that you did.

What our customers say

I am quite a busy person and naturally I do not have the time to maintain my garden. This is when I luckily came into contact with Gainesville Lawn Maintenance. They assured me with quality service and promised that they would turn the garden around. Within a couple of hours, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They also make periodical visits that the garden is at the pink of its health. Their services are trusted and I am glad to have found them.

Mark WIlliams

Asst Manager, Apple Inc.

I have a big and beautiful garden. Being a creative person, I wanted to change the appearance of my garden, so that my house is always a surprise to my visitors. My garden is my personal space and I was initially hesitant. But with the quality of work that Gainesville Lawn Maintenance team granted I am so happy now.

David Wisse

Software Engg, ABC Corp.

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