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What Our Customers Say

Maintaining my garden is not a trouble anymore. With Gainesville, I am always seeing a beautiful garden and I am very much thankful to them

James Williams, Barca&Co.


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Irrigation and Drainage Services

Irrigation is one thing that can make or break a garden. For a lush garden, you need to consider having irrigation, Gainesville Fl. Relying on the rain can be problematic, especially when your lawn or plants need extra water when they are going through a growth spurt.

And, unless you want your lawn to start to resemble patchy, dry scrub in the hotter months, you need to ensure that it gets enough water.

Water and Irrigation

Sure, you could get out a hose and water your garden, but this is bound to result in some spots that are dry and some that are overwatered. You could actually end up doing more harm than good, especially in the summer months, if you don’t spend enough time on one spot.

When you do water the garden, the roots of the plants come close to the surface so that they can drink up the water. The danger in not giving them enough water is that they come to the surface and the ground dries out, leaving the roots exposed in the top layers of soil that then bake in the sun.

Sprinklers or drip irrigation systems are a lot simpler to use and allow for more precise water application.

But it is not only irrigation that water can be useful, but it can also be used to significant effect as a feature. Want some help with this? We are true aquatic landscaping specialists – our designs have been turning heads since 1986. Call us and see what we can do for you.

Sprinkler Repair Service

Do you have a sprinkler system that could use an overhaul? Let us handle all your sprinkler repair, Gainesville Fl. We will have your system up and running in no time flat and can help you to ensure that it is optimally placed and that the timing has been appropriately set for your garden.

Maybe you use a drip irrigation system or some other method of irrigation. No problem we can work on any irrigation repair, Gainesville Fl and have your system working like new again. Again, we help you to optimally place the system and get the timing exactly right.

Drainage Services

This being Florida, the problem is not always too little water, but too much. Do you have a piece of ground that tends to flood and get swampy during the rainy season? It’s not the most helpful thing in a garden because it can become a breeding ground for mosquitos.

That is where we can come in and help once again. We will have a look at the problem area and work out how best to go about draining it. You are left with a piece of reclaimed, usable land that is bound to be rich in nutrients.

We will build in systems to ensure that excess water is adequately drained away in future as well.

Whatever your water problem is, too much or too little, we are here to assist you. One quick call and your water woes are a thing of the past.

What Our Customers Say

Maintaining my garden is not a trouble anymore. With Gainesville, I am always seeing a beautiful garden and I am very much thankful to them

James Williams, Barca&Co.