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What Our Customers Say

Maintaining my garden is not a trouble anymore. With Gainesville, I am always seeing a beautiful garden and I am very much thankful to them

James Williams, Barca&Co.


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Lawn and Garden Care

A well-manicured and cared for garden is something that most people strive for. Whether you need a beautiful big lawn for your kids to play on or a garden that you can spend time unwinding in, caring for the garden is essential.

Just skip mowing your lawn for a couple of weeks in summer, and you will understand why this is so. Sometimes, though, no matter how badly you know it needs to be done, you just cannot bring yourself to get stuck in and do some garden maintenance.

To restore lawn and order, Gainesville Fl edition, you might consider getting a little help. Here are some things that will help you decide whether you can continue to go it alone, or whether you should get a professional in.

How Large Is Your Property?

The more extensive your property, the more likely you are to need help. This is where at least getting in a lawn mowing service Gainesville Fl can save you hours of back-breaking work. Even if the service does nothing else, this can be a great help to you.

Of course, you will also need to consider things like whether or not you have trees, how big the lawn is and how big the garden beds are in deciding whether or not to hire Gainesville lawn maintenance professionals.

We have the equipment, staff, and expertise to handle gardens of all sizes.

Do You Want Design?

Maybe you have a large garden and need some kind of landscaping Gainesville Fl, to introduce a theme and to pull everything together. Or perhaps you have a small space and want to take full advantage of it.

A designer can help you create a garden that is interesting and usable, no matter how much or how little space you have.

And design is an area that we really excel at. Just ask the folks at the Consumer Choice Awards who won Best Landscape Designer from 2015-2018.

Benefits Of A Gardener

It’s a right of passage in many homes across America. That day when your parents pay you to mow the lawn, or when you decide to start up your own small service to earn a little extra pocket money.

The novelty doesn’t take long to wear off, though, and, by the time you are all grown up, maintaining your lawn and garden becomes something of a chore – and no one is paying you to get it done either!

Who knows, maybe you don’t mind the work, but do you have the time to do it? It’s in situations like these that you might consider hiring a gardener.

Here are some of the benefits to mull over:

  • Gives you more free time: Letting someone take care of the more tedious tasks like weeding or mowing gives you more free time to spend as you like.
  • They use their own equipment: This is a huge plus – you don’t need to purchase expensive mowers or find somewhere to store them.
  • They understand gardening better: This is their business, they know what care your plants need and how to get them to thrive. They know when to prune, how to get rid of bugs, etc.
  • They work faster than you could: This is their business, and they have honed it to a fine art making it possible for them to work through the tasks quicker and more efficiently than you can.
  • Fewer mistakes: Do you know the difference between normal seedlings and weeds? Don’t laugh; it’s not always that easy to tell the difference. It’s also easy to drown plants or kill them off through caring for them a little too zealously. A professional doesn’t make these mistakes.

At Gainesville Lawn Maintenance, we provide a full range of landscaping and gardening services. We can help you set up your garden and then correctly maintain afterwards – we do the work, you reap the reward.

What Our Customers Say

Maintaining my garden is not a trouble anymore. With Gainesville, I am always seeing a beautiful garden and I am very much thankful to them

James Williams, Barca&Co.