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What Our Customers Say

Maintaining my garden is not a trouble anymore. With Gainesville, I am always seeing a beautiful garden and I am very much thankful to them

James Williams, Barca&Co.


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Apart from the first-timer discounts that we provide, we also have other attractive discounts and offer packages. One such package is the one time service benefit. For every customer who uses this one time service will get a discount of $25. Since most of our services are affordable and cost effective our discounts and services are worth a try.

Spring and Fall Clean Up

Spring and Fall are the ideal times of the year to have a professional landscaping service come in. In Spring, you need to make room for new growth by removing all the dead wood and plants and clearing space.

In Fall, clean-up means cutting back those plants that really need it so that they can come back even stronger during the next Spring growth period. Fall and Spring are ideal times to get stuck into this kind of project or to call in a tree service, Gainesville Fl.

As the leading Gainesville tree service, we can assist you with trimming, felling and be removing trees during these seasons or at any time of the year.

Tree Trimming Services

How do you currently go about tree trimming, Gainesville Fl? Do you rent a chainsaw, climb up a ladder and hope that you don’t fall and that any branches you have trimmed don’t do any damage as they come crashing down?

Trimming a tree requires some expertise because it can be a dangerous job. You are working higher off the ground and using a power tool. If you don’t have the right safety harnesses or the proper equipment, it can be downright dangerous.

There’s the danger to yourself and your property but also the potential for liability claims if the branch hits someone else or damages someone else’s property.

Fortunately, you don’t even have to attempt it – just call us in, we’ll get it done quickly and efficiently for you.

Land Clearing Services

Do you have a piece of land that would be lovely if only it were cleared? Rocks, tree stumps, general debris or even plant-life, can render a good piece of land practically unusable. Clearing it out again might involve back-breaking labor and might even be impossible without the right tools.

This is especially true when it comes to large tree stumps or rocks. We are here for all your land clearing

Tree Removal Services

Most of us love trees and don’t want to see them get chopped down. Sometimes, however, it is necessary for this to happen. Maybe they were damaged in a storm and now pose a danger to friends and family, perhaps their roots are becoming problematic, or maybe you just need the space for something else.

When it comes to tree removal, Gainesville Fl, especially when it comes to mature trees, you really should have it professionally done. We can come in and make an expert assessment of the situation. Do we need to take it down piece by piece so that it doesn’t damage any structures or fences in the area or can it be safely chopped down in one go?

Either way, you are dealing with the need for precision and specialized equipment. Wielding a chainsaw is not as easy as it looks in those horror films, especially when you want precise cuts.

Call us and let us help you remove the tree safely and quickly for you. We will handle every aspect, from cutting it down to size to removing the debris and stump for you as well.

What Our Customers Say

Maintaining my garden is not a trouble anymore. With Gainesville, I am always seeing a beautiful garden and I am very much thankful to them

James Williams, Barca&Co.